Sterling Silver Captain Hook Timepiece

Sterling Silver Captain Hook Timepiece with 18ct Gold highlights, set with Amethyst, Peridot, Garnets, blue Diamonds and blue Topaz. Mounted on a driftwood base.

£5,000.00 tax incl.


The main body of the timepiece is hallmarked Sterling Silver, it has been coloured and oxidised with non-toxic chemicals to darken sections. The lettrs that indicate the positions of the 5 minute intervals (tic toc) are 18ct yellow Gold as are the settings of the faceted Amethyst stones.

The crocodile is Sterling Silver and can be removed and worn as a brooch. The hour hand has the "Hook", and is set with a faceted Peridot. The minute hand has the "Jolly Roger" flag, and is set with a faceted Garnet. The second hand has the "Alarm clock" and is made from 18ct yellow Gold set with a blue Diamond in the centre.

The pendulum has the "Treasure Chest" on the bottom and the shaft is set with a faceted blue Topaz. The coins, sun, Tinkerbell's cage, the tops of the trees and some of the fish are Silver Gilt. There are 3 x cabochon Garnets set into the mountains.

The base it is mounted on is comprised of pieces of driftwood collected from Eastbourne's beaches. The Sun and Moon are powered by a 12 volt motor geared down to revolve slowly, (it is complete with its own transformer). The main clock is powered by a battery powered quartz movement.



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