Trash to Treasure is the best expression to use when re-cycling or upcycling your old, broken and unloved jewellery. How many pieces do you have in the corners of drawers, odd earrings, broken chains old family pieces that are out of vogue but still retain their memories. These (if they are precious metal) can be remodelled into that new treasure that will have all the memories intact, in the majority of cases any precious or semi-precious stones can also be incorporated.

How we up-cycle your old unloved and out of vogue jewellery:


The first step is to discuss designs with the client and after their input and ideas we go to the design stage  thumbnail sketches are usually drawn up. Then we appraise the items that are to be used in the development of the new piece of jewellery, we check that the pieces are either Gold, Silver or Platinum, (it’s amazing how many items are not precious metals, especially pieces bought abroad, any pieces that are below standard are separated and returned). If there are any precious or semi-precious stones these can be incorporated into the deign

If it is discovered that there is insufficient material to work with precious metal can be supplied to bring up the total weight.


The material is then melted down into ingot form, different carats of Gold can be melted together, but if the finished piece to be hallmarked the Assay office will only mark it to the lowest standard (i.e. If 18ct Gold and 9ct Gold are melted together and the resulting mix is below the 14ct standard it will be hallmarked at 9ct.)


The piece of jewellery is them made, this is called the “mount”, after polishing any precious or semi-precious stones to be used are then set.


Various setting techniques are used, flush or Cartier set. grain set, rub-over setting, channel, and sometimes tension set. After a final polish the piece is finished and ready to adorn the wearer.


Here are some examples of the pieces that I have created from customers broken and unloved jewellery:


Gold and Pearl Bracelet

Gold and Pearl Bracelet


This piece was made from various pieces of jewellery and a .999ct fine Gold ingot. The pearls were originally part of a necklace (broken and most missing), so the commission was to use the gold and the Pearls.

I decided to make up little roundels with the Gaia decoration on them and alternate them with the pearls, again this was an 18th birthday present for a  ladies granddaughter.



Spevock Bracelet

Spevock Bracelet


The first image shows the old jewellery my customer wished to be “up-cycled”. The larger stones were not used but returned to my customer for future projects. The Gold and Silver were melted into ingots to be made into a cuff bracelet. The silver was drawn down into wire form to use as applied decoration on the cuff.


The Gold was milled down into a sheet and the edges were melted to decorate the edges as well as strengthen the piece, the settings and wire decoration were then applied and the piece polished to a fine shine.


The stones were then set and the finished cuff was given another polish. The background was slightly textured to give a contrast with the polished elements



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