In many ways commissioning is similar to the process of up-cycling with the exception of the supply of the materials, which are provided by ourselves.

The design process is the same, again hopefully with input from the client, thumb-nail sketches are drawn and a price for the materials and the work is assessed.


If there is a budget to work to, the piece is designed accordingly and any precious or semi-precious stones are priced into the equation.

We only use precious metals from reliable sources and we try to comply with the latest “Fair Trade” principles. All our precious and semi-precious stones are again sourced from reputable stone dealers so that we can ensure that they are “Conflict Free”.


All our designs are unique to ourselves and are covered by the various copyright legislations, we will never make copies of other designers work and we never to duplicate the bespoke designs.


If you would like to discuss a commission piece please contact me directly. Commissions can be based on one of my current pieces or a one off.


I am always happy to discuss the design of that “special” piece of jewellery and explain the making process so that a full understanding of the techniques used can be appreciated. I particularly enjoy the “one to one” relationship that can develop when designing a memorable piece of jewellery and the knowledge that you too were inspired.


Commissions that I have created include: 


Diamond and Tanzanite Ring Mounted in 18ct Yellow and White Gold

Jaspers Ring



Multi Diamond Ring

Multi Diamond Ring


18ct yellow Gold multi Diamond ring, the centre stone is approx 1.00ct. with 7 x 0.15ct Diamonds and a further 5 x 0.08ct Diamonds, mounted on a three band ring joined together at the rear of the ring.


18ct Yellow Gold Acorn

Yellow Gold Acorns


This piece was commissioned but the parents of a teenage girl for her 18th birthday, they were not sure about the significance  of the hollow in the side, but it was what their daughter wanted.


18ct White Gold Ring 

18ct White gold Ring


This ring mount was constructed from three separate bands the joined at the rear of the ring, set with the  clients Diamonds to give asymmetrical appearance.


Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings and Ring

Reliquary ring and Earrings


My customer bought the stones when on holiday in South Africa and wanted them mounted in 18ct white Gold with a slight “art-deco“ style. The earrings were made as long drops with the top stud piece made to echo the princess cut Diamonds.

The ring has a centre Diamond of approx 1.02ct with the square cut Tanzanites on each side.



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