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Nigel GrahamNigel Graham is a contemporary jewellery designer based in the seaside town of Eastbourne. I began my career in 1978, selling work at exhibitions and up-market craft fairs.

My design vocabulary derives from a wide range of sources which reflect my personal interests: the natural forms of rocks, pebbles and seashells I have collected, old broken machine parts which trigger ideas of alien travel and the childhood memories of playing with my Grandmothers tin of old  buttons and  broken costume jewellery, which was no longer worn but kept for the memories they evoked. The area where I live gives endless design possibilities as well, from the eroded stonework of the ancient churches to the wild and beautiful “secret” places of the South Downs.
The ethics of the Mediaeval  metalwork and the 19th century “Art and Crafts” movement are also an influence, as are the tribal and ancient jewellery which illustrates the need to arrange “found” objects in new and meaningful relationships.

I work in all the precious metals and delight in the juxtaposition that the precious and semi-precious stones achieve within the design possibilities. Recently I have been exploring the  inclusion of movement into some of my timepieces, this probably stems from a love of the impracticable but incredibly funny designs of William Heath-Robinson and the bizarre creations of Roland Emmett.

Working with the materials is the most exciting part of the process for me. Simply put, I like making things. In my pieces I like to exercise my love of colour and texture and the hand tools that I use are the same that have been used for generations and the marks made in the making are sometimes left visible.

My main focus of work is the Sliver Arcadia and Gaia range which are becoming more embellished with 18ct and 22ct Gold. It is important to me that my work be both sculptural and wearable. Many of my designs are abstract, leaving the wearer to explore the endless possibilities of adornment, and create a personal relationship with the piece.

Working on a "one to one" basis with my clients is imporatant to me as they can be involved in the design process and may experience a little of the magic of making something really special and unique.

I am a member of the Association of Contemporary Jewellers, devoted to the promotion, representation, understanding and development of contemporary jewellery in the United Kingdom.

About Lisa

Lisa PackerLisa Packer Designs

I have been designing and making contemporary jewellery for the last ten years, and share a workshop in Eastbourne with my father Nigel Graham.

Having studied Jewellery, Silversmithing and Allied Crafts at Sir John Cass College based at London Guildhall University, I was priviledged to undertake a summer placement with the renowned silversmith and jeweller Michael Bolton. His approach to the materials, passion of the craft and encouragement has greatly influenced my work.

Nature has become one of the starting references for my work. This inspiration enables me to manipulate silver whilst using good quality semi-precious stones and beads to create unique one-off pieces -  the Hearts and Feathers range.



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