Taking inspiration from the Mediaeval master-craftsmen and governed by the ethics and ideologies of the 19th and 20th century “Arts and Crafts” movement, and the romanticism of the legend of King Arthur, the Arcadian range is a pure and unique style of jewellery.

The honest marks of the hand tools such as the hammer and file used in the making are ever present on the finished piece as a legacy of the time honoured skills used.

This range is mainly executed in silver often with the “Display Hallmarks” as an added feature and an extra embellishment. The semi-precious stones are usually Cabochon cut to reflect the ancient appeal of the items and are mainly Garnets or Amethysts though any semi or Precious stone can be supplied if requested.

All of the pieces are of solid fabrication so they have a nice heavy “weight” to them making them nice to feel and wear.

All rings available to purchase online specify the ring size within the item description, however if you require a different size I will be able to alter the ring to match the size you require (See Terms and Conditions). Please contact me directly to provide your ring size details prior/upon purchase.



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