As the earth in its infancy melted and fused to form the world we live on today, so the Gaia range of jewellery is melted and fused to resemble the awakening of a previous age. The wire decoration carries echoes of the “Ley” lines and the early mystic spirals that are found in ancient stone carvings. The precious stones we use have been formed in the earths crust over millions of years and their beauty are brought to life by the Master stone cutters and polishers.

As our policy states we always try to ensure that the stones and materials we use are from “conflict free” sources.

The techniques we use to produce the Gaia ranges are fusing, melting and reticulation.

The main body of the piece of jewellery is firstly melted on the edges which produce a “rolled” back effect which gives the piece its strength, wires which have been pre-formed into spirals and loops are then fused onto the surface to become an integral part of the overall texture and pattern.

When precious or semi-precious stones are part of the pattern, setting edges are formed and then soldered in place, along with the beads of Silver or Gold (sometimes we use Platinum beads on the Gold Gaia pieces) to complete the decoration.

Each piece of Gaia jewellery is entirely handmade and due to the techniques that are used in its construction no two pieces are the same (with earrings we try to match them as best as is possible but there will always be a variation in each).



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