My clocks are the fantasy pieces I really enjoy creating. Made from Sterling Silver with “display” Hallmarks situated on the front, for all to see, each clock is themed by ‘clouds’ with the sun peeping cheerfully from behind.

Individual pieces are embellishments in 18ct. Gold and set with precious and semi-precious stones.

The main clock piece is normally fused and melted to simulate the texture of natural clouds and smaller clouds are added to give a three dimensional effect. Raindrops are simulated by the hanging flattened wire drops. Occasionally the main body of the clock is oxidised with chemicals to give the dark thunder-cloud appearance with Silver-gilt “lightning strikes”.

I make both mantle and pendulum clocks, with the end of the pendulum being another feature, a nautical theme being popular. The hands are made from wire that has spirals on the end to balance the hand and alleviate any strain on the movement. The second hands are usually made from 18ct. yellow Gold and I sometimes set a small diamond in them to give a “sparkle” as they travel round the dial.

Mantle clocks come complete with a wooden mount and pendulum clocks can either be hung on the wall or if required a base can be created from driftwood for them to hang from.

All of the clocks have a battery powered quartz movement for reliability and longevity.

I have in the past incorporated pieces of Gold and Silver jewellery provided by customers to create a timepiece that is very personal to them. If this is something you would like to consider please contact me.



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